Arnold Segawa

Arnold Segawa is a CNBC Africa presenter for East Africa.

He previously served as a Forex Trader focusing on emerging and frontier market currencies. Arnold has worked in the media industry for over five years; in consultancy and production for NTV Uganda which is an affiliate of Nation Media Group in Kenya, then moving on to radio and media programming in Uganda and Rwanda.

Arnold has completed 13 post graduate courses in numerous fields - from Climate Change, Oil and Gas Management, Political Philosophy, to Digital Media and Human Rights Awareness. His core focus though, is International Business which he studied in his under graduate degree.

Arnold is an IMF Journalism Fellow after being chosen as the youngest participant in East Africa for the Fellowship. Arnold has also taken on the Reuters and International Monetary Fund economics program. He also contributes to the CNBC Africa website, Forbes Africa and the East African daily. He anchors Power Lunch East Africa on CNBC Africa, which is a daily market show focused on East African Markets.