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A.I. AgriBusiness is Good Business

With Africa poised to have the largest workforce by 2035, will we have enough food?

Op-Ed: Why The World Owes Education to an African Woman

How Harvard or Oxford might not have existed without an African woman - and what that means for you today.

Op-Ed: The Future of Digital Finance in Africa

We put academics and innovators together in the same room for a week. Guess what happened next.

Why banking in a cashless society will require African solutions for African problems

The future of banking in Africa will be about solving genuine customer problems by harnessing innovation.

Op-Ed: Who is Monitoring the Economic Impact of Silicon Valley in Africa?

Does anyone know if Silicon Valley costs us more than it gains us?

Op-Ed: Going Through Agenda 2063’s Guiding Vision

Agenda 2063’s guiding vision is to see “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena.” Let’s look at this guiding vision carefully, point by point.

Op-Ed: The Changing Faces of Huawei

Huawei’s innovative leadership style could help us ask some questions as to how we build and innovate in Africa.

Op-Ed: Why African innovation is better than Silicon Valley

The apps of the future are those that help our lives get better – offline. And that’s why African innovation has the better approach.

Op-Ed: Infiltrating Wikipedia, Black Panther Style

How the world of Wakanda can teach us about where we should be putting our voice – and how we can measure the way others see us.

Op-Ed: Africa – Know Your Change

The role of technology in social activism is a lesson that can inspire our innovators to create change for our continent and its story.