IATF is the biggest trade fair event in Africa, here’s what it has to offer


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With seven days of live performances, expert speakers, special cultural highlights and an unprecedented list of exhibitors this year, you will want to delve into everything IATF2020 has to offer.

The biggest trade fair event in Africa, IATF brings together more professionals under one roof than any other event of its kind on the continent. This year, the theme is “Building Bridges for a Successful AfCFTA” focusing on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a market for goods and services across 55 countries, and paving the way for Africa to better achieve its economic and social goals.

Taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, on 1 to 7 September, over one billion people will showcase and exhibit their goods and services, while exploring business and investment opportunities in Africa.

With stakeholders that include investors, SMEs, and the informal sector, IATF2020 has become the ideal platform to address the challenges affecting intra-African trade and provide practical and effective solutions to overcome these challenges.

The inaugural IATF2018, which took place in Cairo, Egypt, was an enormous success, garnering US$32 billion in trade and investment deals with more than 1 000 exhibitors and 2 500 conference delegates from over 45 countries.

This year, IATF2020 will surpass the success of previous years by providing a platform for businesses to access an integrated market of over 1.2 billion people with a GDP of over US$2.5 trillion created under the African Continental Free Trade Area.

IATF2020 does not only serve as a marketplace where buyers and sellers of goods meet, but also as a business matchmaker, enabling exchanges from business to business and business to government and political stakeholders.

Additionally, the IATF2020 Conference will feature leading African and international speakers who will discuss a variety of topics surrounding African trade and investment opportunities. There will also be training workshops covering exporting, standards and marketing.

This year, visitors and exhibitors will also get to enjoy work from the greatest creative minds on the continent during the Creative Africa Exchange. The initiative showcases Africa’s creative economy through music, film, fashion, and a creative Africa summit.

IATF2020 will host art and craft exhibitions with magnificent pieces that have never been displayed together before. Visitors will be able to engage with the artists and craftspeople, and find out how art is leading the way in the cultural industries.

Traders who are unable to make it to Rwanda for IATF2020 can still log onto the IATF2020 Virtual Trade Fair and showcase goods, services and investment opportunities on the interactive online platform. The Virtual Trade Fair connects exhibitors and visitors from all sectors, and provides a platform for delegates and non-attendees to connect in real-time during the event and for the rest of the year after the Trade Fair has concluded. 

With exhibitors from all over Africa and beyond, businesses across the public and private sectors, and SMEs to multinational corporations, IATF2020 simply cannot be matched anywhere else.

Make valuable business connections and accelerate your reach into African markets at IATF2020.

To register and get more information, visit the IATF website at intrafricantradefair.com/en

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