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Accenture’s Toluwaleke Adenmosun talks innovation in the financial services industry

Accenture says innovation creates a foundation for growth and business sustainability in the digital era. Toluwaleke Adenmosun, Managing Director of Accenture Financial Services Nigeria joins CNBC Africa to discuss how the financial services industry should approach innovation.

In search of Africa’s Top 30 tech start-ups is open for entries

Accenture is on the hunt to find Africa’s top tech start-up superstars – the digital pioneers solving critical challenges with technology across the continent. It’s a search for Africa’s big thinkers and big doers – visionaries who fearlessly push the boundaries of progress to shift African innovation to the next level.

Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence on SA businesses, jobs

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to double South Africa's economic growth according to Accenture analytics. According to research businesses that operate in sectors such as manufacturing through to agriculture will benefit the most from adopting Artificial Intelligence. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Hans Zachar, Managing Director, Accenture.

South Africa needs to innovate faster to ensure stable economic growth – Accenture’s Innovation Index 2017 shows

  The past year has seen only marginal growth in innovation by South African companies. According to Accenture’s Innovation Index 2017 released at the Accenture Innovation Conference recently, the country has seen a...

Accenture CEO William Mzimba talks innovation in 2017

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRRw_VBs-k0 Accenture SA CEO, William Mzimba joined the top thought leaders and experts in sustained business on 17 October 2017 at the Accenture Innovation Conference 2017 to share his thoughts on innovation...

Three critical accelerators to closing the gender pay gap for Class of 2020

Within decades, the gender pay gap could close if women take advantage of three career equalisers and if business, government and academia provide critical support.