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OpEd: What is needed to get world to see Africa’s potential in order to attract investment in innovation

Africa has been innovating for centuries, but it has evolved over time.

Op-Ed: Infiltrating Wikipedia, Black Panther Style

How the world of Wakanda can teach us about where we should be putting our voice – and how we can measure the way others see us.

The ‘Africa rising story’ was based on faulty logic – here’s how to fix it

Lorenzo Fioramonti | University of Pretoria Until a couple of years ago, all financial institutions and investment banks were celebrating ‘Africa Rising’, in a symphony of compliments that should have cautioned any reasonable African leader...

Nigeria: Finding opportunities where others fear to tread

A few years ago investors were very excited about investing in Africa outside of South Africa.

This is how to create inclusive growth for an Aspiring Africa

The continent is brimming with the energy of a young generation of ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs. This needs to be harnessed.

Op-Ed: Africa is rising depending where you look

While many are minimising the “Africa Rising” narrative due to realistic challenges, there are others who are actually doing it.