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Africa’s national airlines: A blessing or a curse?

The question of whether African airlines are a blessing or a curse to their countries continues to linger more so in the wake of some of the flyers from the continent’s biggest economies South African Airways and Kenyan airways on the other hand the likes of Ethiopian Airlines continue to produce profits while a new breed led by Rwandair seem optimistic, Derek Nseko, MD of Ifly Aviation joins CNBC Africa for more.

African airlines brace for severe turbulence as the impact of COVID-19 deepens

The International Air Transport Association is urging governments in Africa and the Middle East to create alternatives to airline arrival quarantine, as this would allow economies to re-start whilst avoiding the risk of increasing Covid-19 cases. Muhammad Albakri, Regional Vice President for Africa and the Middle East at the International Air Transport Association joins CNBC Africa for more.

IATA forecasts $300 mn net loss for African airlines in 2019

African airlines are set to report a $300 million loss in 2019, while globally airlines look set to achieve a decade of profits. This is according to an outlook for the coming year by International Air Transport Association. The Association has released a report with a 2019 outlook of airline industry per region in the world.This outlook makes Africa the weakest region as has been the case over the past four years. Brian Pearce, Chief Economist at International Air Transport Association joins CNBC Africa for more.

What you need to know about Ethiopian Airlines and Zambia’s $30 million agreement

LUSAKA (Reuters) - Ethiopian Airlines has signed a shareholding agreement with Zambia’s main develoment agency to relaunch the southern African country’s flag carrier at an initial cost of $30 million. The Ethiopian state-owned...

How to turn around Africa’s airlines and make them profitable

How to turn around Africa's airlines and make them profitable