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Op-Ed: Africa’s people-led approach to combat COVID-19 shows signs of progress and leadership

In its fight against the spread of COVID-19, our continent faces a massive challenge that requires unprecedented levels of unity and coordinated action. These are the actions the African Union is taking to fight the pandemic.

COVID-19: Is China discriminating against Africans?

The African Union says it is deeply concerned about the alleged discrimination of Africans in China. This follows reports and videos of Africans being kicked out of hotels, being blocked from restaurants and being forced into self-quarantine following a second wave of the coronavirus in the country. So what is China doing about this? Lin Nan, Charge d’affaires of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

Young Africans are ill-prepared to enter the job market as education worsens

The quality of education and training provided by African countries has worsened since 2014, leaving many of the continent's growing population of young people ill-prepared to enter the job market, an influential report said on Tuesday.

Google selects 12 start-ups for its Launchpad Accelerator Africa program

Google selects 12 start-ups for its Launchpad Accelerator Africa program

Risking their lives in abandoned mineshafts

A trip to Johannesburg from his village Nquthu, in the KwaZulu-Natal province, looking for greener pastures, led Ngcamu to illegal mining

Research shows climate change could double malaria numbers in Africa

Without prevention measures, the number of malaria cases associated with dams could triple to nearly 3 million a year over the same period