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Agnes Binagwaho on advancing gender equity in health

It’s no secret that there are far less women than men in boardrooms and leadership positions in general and the global health sector is no different, with women making up 70 per cent of the global health workforce and only 5 per cent of top leadership positions. Ahead of the Annual Women Leaders in Global Health Conference happening this week in Kigali – Vice Chancellor of the University of Global Health Equity, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho joins CNBC Africa to unpack the importance of dialogue and community in shifting the balance.

Here’s how we can cure the physician shortage in Africa – Expert

According to the World Health Organization, the ratio of physicians to patients is 1 per every 1000 in Africa, This, denying many a chance to quality healthcare. CNBC Africa sat down with Prof. Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor for the University of Global Health Equity for a look at that and raising the numbers for female enrolment in the medical field.