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Op-Ed: Getting women in the driver’s seat of Africa’s agribusiness revolution

Women are the backbone of Africa’s agricultural sector. While their influence on the continent’s growing agribusiness industry is undeniable, more solutions are needed to address the gender-specific challenges they face to boost their participation.

Op-Ed: Agribusiness: Africa’s new investment frontier

Africa’s agribusiness sector is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030, so there is certainly cause for optimism. Consumer demand for food in Africa is growing at an unprecedented rate. But what is fueling this growth?

A.I. AgriBusiness is Good Business

With Africa poised to have the largest workforce by 2035, will we have enough food?

Young entrepreneur offers solutions to challenges faced by school feeding programs

School Feeding Programs are often seen as one of the social intervention strategies to ensure that pupils in poor communities have access to education by removing the barriers of hunger. In the following conversation with CNBC Africa Ghana’s Alfred Adjabeng, a young agribusiness enthusiast shares how he is helping schools in rural areas produce their own food for their feeding programs.

Boosting agribusiness in Nigeria

The Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele, plans to boost the contribution of the non-oil sector to Nigeria's GDP with a 500 billion naira export stimulation facility and a 50 billion naira Direct Intervention Fund from the Nigeria Export - Import Bank. Eze Nwakanma, Sector Lead of Agribusiness at Union Bank, joins CNBC Africa to discuss how the country can be more efficient in financing agribusiness.

Post-harvest losses high in sub-Saharan Africa

Post-harvest losses high in sub-Saharan Africa

Op-Ed: The pros and cons of commercial farming models in Africa

By Ruth Hall, University of the Western Cape; Dzodzi Tsikata, University of Ghana, and Ian Scoones, University of Sussex Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but...