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#AGRF2020: How the agriculture sector can leverage big data & AI to improve food security

Microsoft through its 4Afrika initiative have signed an MOU with Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to support in improving food security for 30 million farming households across 21 countries by 2021. Amrote Abdella, Regional Director, Microsoft 4Afrika initiative joins CNBC Africa for more.

Jenga School on skilling Africans to pursue careers in tech

At time when unemployment has been increasing across the region due to the disastrous effects of COVID-19, Jenga School offers intensive Data Science and AI programs for students at any point in their development or career. CNBC Africa’s Makeda Mahadeo spoke to the school’s Founder, Mark Karake on what that offers to the region, and how it could change the future.

Novartis Foundation on how AI can help uplift health of low income households

COVID-19 has accelerated the adaptation of digital services across various industries with health being at the forefront, so how can the use of AI accelerate health access to low income households? Dr. Ann Aerts, Head of Novartis Foundation spoke to CNBC Africa for more.

How digital infrastructure & technology can help bridge the inequality gap in Rwanda

How exactly can the increase in digital infrastructure and technology be aligned with adoption, affordability and equality? CNBC Africa spoke with Patrick Buchana, CEO AC Group LTD for more.

Captains of Industry: In conversation with the world’s first ever AI minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama

CNBC Africa talks to the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence minister Omar Bin Sultan Olama about how new technology can increase knowledge and help prevent car accidents.

Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution leave women behind ?

The gender digital gap in South Africa, and on the African continent more broadly, is only widening, with women having lower digital literacy, less access to internet based technologies, and less relevant online content to men.

SA fintech Akiba Digital uses AI tech to help millennials manage their finances

One of the biggest issues that remain as a barrier for youth in Africa is the lack of financial literacy. However, a new project known as Akiba Digital is set to change the ways in which millennials interact with finances by leveraging artificial intelligence technology. With the help of AlphaCode Incubate this industry disruptor may leave its mark on the wallets of young Africans. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Kamogelo Kekana, co-Founder of Akiba Digital.

Google has been accused of working with China. Here’s what they’ve been doing there

Google and its operations in China have come under the spotlight in the past few days. Billionaire investor Peter Thiel this week accused the U.S. technology giant of working with the Chinese military and called for the U.S. government to investigate Google.