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Gabon coup soldiers arrested

Gabon's Minister of communication announced that the soldiers involved in the coup attempt have been arrested. Earlier today military officers in Gabon tried to stage a coup, seizing the state's radio station in protest against President Ali Bongo. Could the swift end of the coup secure the country's economic strength going forward? Charles Robertson, Global chief Economist at Renaissance Capital joins CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Here’s what could trigger an early presidential election in Gabon

Gabon's president Ali Bongo remains incommunicado.

OpEd: The outlook for the legislative election in Gabon

Gabon is about to finally hold its legislative election, a poll that was originally scheduled for December 2016.

France will not endorse Gabon's Bongo, leaving him out in the cold

President Ali Bongo was inaugurated for a second term after an election whose credibility EU observers seriously called into question.

Gabon warns Jean Ping: If he causes unrest, he will be arrested.

Ping promised disorder if the constitutional court did not declare him winner. Gabon warns: If he crosses the line, he will be arrested.

Gabon opposition chief calls for general strike

Gabon's opposition leader called for a general strike to protest against a "fraudulent re-election victory" by President Ali Bongo.

Gabon opposition leader says two killed, riots engulf capital

Two people were killed and others were wounded in a second day of violent protests against the re-election of Gabon's President Ali Bongo.

Gabon condemns Ping of trying to destabilise country

With both sides trading accusations after a bitter election campaign, there was concern the results, when they came, would trigger unrest.