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Artificial Intelligence in Africa: Understanding the trends

James Kanyangi, Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at TechnoBrain Group joins CNBC Africa to discuss the trends of artificial intelligence which the continent is urged to adopt to improve efficiency in various sectors

Muhammad Belgore on the use of AI in dispute resolution

Muhammad Belgore, Senior Advocate of Nigeria and Partner at Sofunde Osakwe Ogundipe and Belgore Legal Practitioners says by combining artificial intelligence, technology and existing systems, third-world countries can bridge the gap in development. To discuss this, he joins CNBC Africa’s Christy Cole for more.

Billionaire Elon Musk: Computers will surpass us ‘in every single way’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday said that computers are getting smarter than humans in more and more spheres and that the trend will continue.

Smart technologies and how it can address water scarcity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Approximately 319 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live without access to hygienic water and out of these, 19 million people are in Kenya. To share how smart technologies can be leveraged to unlock potential that exists in Kenya’s arid lands, which could play a big role in the achievement of Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda on food security, Aisha Walcott, Research Manager of Artificial Intelligence at IBM Research Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

LinkedIn calls these 3 of the most sought-after tech skills

The average skill now lasts just six years, which means that workers should be well-equipped with the skills to adapt to the changing work environment.

Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution leave women behind ?

The gender digital gap in South Africa, and on the African continent more broadly, is only widening, with women having lower digital literacy, less access to internet based technologies, and less relevant online content to men.

Why Africa should bet on artificial intelligence

As it is very evident that Africa is rushing towards the fourth industrial revolution, the need to promote the growth of a vibrant AI ecosystem in Africa is very critical. Joining CNBC Africa to help understand why’ is Anu Shah, Founder and CEO of EFI Hub.

A.I. AgriBusiness is Good Business

With Africa poised to have the largest workforce by 2035, will we have enough food?