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Bullish sentiments, another year of deficits expected: A look at Nigeria’s markets

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has offered N110bn across three tenors in an OMO Auction today. For a focus on Nigeria’s money market, Fixed Income Analyst at Axa Mansard, Great-David Oluwasipe joins CNBC Africa.

CBN sells 158.7bn naira in Wednesday’s OMO auction

Traders say Wednesday's Primary Market Auction (PMA) closed relatively strong, as players say they expect sentiments today to be weak in anticipation of an Open Market Operations (OMO) auction today. Taiye Owonubi, Senior Portfolio Manager at AXA Mansard joins CNBC Africa for more.

Axa Mansard CFO: How to look at the half-year results

AXA Mansard has reported a 24.6 per cent rise in its half-year gross premium. The insurer has a string of independently run businesses in the health, pensions and investment space. To unpack the half-year numbers, Ngozi Ola-Israel, Chief Financial Officer of Axa Mansard joins CNBC Africa for more.

CBN mops up 264bn naira in Thursday’s OMO auction

Traders say the 264 billion naira mopped up at Thursday's OMO auction had little impact on Nigeria's currently liquid money market. Taiye Owonubi, Senior Portfolio manager at AXA Mansard joins CNBC Africa for more.

AXA Mansard sees drop in full-year profit

AXA Mansard Insurance and its subsidiary companies posted a 7 per cent decline in full-year profit after tax for 2018. However, gross premiums for the financial service group rose 26.5 per cent in the reporting period. Ngozi Ola-Israel, Chief Financial Officer at AXA Mansard joins CNBC Africa to break down the numbers.

Axa Mansard posts N6.3bn gross premium income

Axa Mansard reports strong second quarter results