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Nigeria’s National Microfinance Bank – pros & cons

Nigeria's National Microfinance Bank is set to begin operations in January 2019 and it will leverage on the presence of the Nigerian Postal Service's presence in 774 local governments across the country. Ayo Olojede, Head Emerging Business at Diamond Bank joins to discuss the pros and con of a National Microfinance bank in Nigeria.

How easy is it now to do business in Nigeria?

The Nigerian government has been organising one-stop shops and SME clinics in states across the country as part of its ease of doing business plan. Some of the initiatives include the approval of a special window of 90 days for entrepreneurs to register their businesses for a reduced fee of 5000 Naira. Ayo Olojede, Head of Emerging Business at Diamond Bank joins CNBC Africa to discuss how the SME clinics are addressing the issues faced by small businesses in Nigeria.