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Kenyan banking industry to survive the pandemic – survey

According to a new survey by the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), close to 94 per cent of banks in the country expect a significantly slowed business growth. However, the survey indicates that a financial crisis in Kenya is unlikely due to the high levels of liquidity within the banking system. Dr. Habil Olaka, Chief Executive, Kenya Bankers Association joins CNBC Africa for more.

How will the banking industry exist in a post COVID-19 world?

Will banking stay normal? Or is the sector finally going to be forced to shift towards a new frontier? These are some of the questions that the CEO of BPR Atlas Mara Bank, Maurice Toroitich gave insight to with CNBC Africa.

How Nigeria’s telecoms industry is responding to COVID-19

The Central Bank of Nigeria says Non-Performing Loans in the banking industry moderated to 6.54 in the February from 6.59 per cent in January. David Adu, Senior Analyst at Meristem Securities joins CNBC Africa for a focus on Nigeria’s banking sector and telecommunication industry.

How transformed are SA’s banks?

Over the years transformation in banking has been a hot topic of discussion. With the elections looming and the financial sector charter under review it is more so now. To find out how transformed the industry is, CNBC Africa spoke to Khulekani Mathe, Head of Financial Inclusion and Transformation Unit, BASA.

How attractive are Ghana’s banks?

Following the recent collapse of five banks in Ghana, Bank of Ghana governor Ernest Addison is adamant about the state of the banking industry as he revealed that the total assets in the country's banking sector were up 15.7 per cent as at the end of June. Arnold Dublin-Green, Portfolio Manager at Ecobank joins CNBC Africa to discuss the state of Ghana's banking sector.

Access Bank’s Herbert Wigwe wins AABLA business leader of the year award

Access Bank’s Herbert Wigwe wins AABLA business leader of the year award

Kenya’s Q2 bank earnings outlook

Kenya’s Q2 bank earnings outlook