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SA sees sharp decline in June take-home pay as COVID-19 fallout deepens

According to the BankservAfrica Take-home Pay Index, The total value of take-home salaries paid in June declined by 25.6 per cent while pensions pay dropped by 4.6 per cent; these figures combined was the biggest drop on record at 23.5 per cent. Mike Schüssler, Chief Economist at Economists.co.za joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: How will employee salaries be impacted in the months to come?

The BankservAfrica Take-home Pay Index has shown that wage numbers were up in April as the majority of employees continued to receive their monthly incomes. However, casual and weekly workers were most impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown as the number of wages paid declined significantly. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Mike Schüssler, Chief Economist at economists.co.za.