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Nigeria’s central bank retains benchmark lending rate at 12.5%

According to an IMF representative of Nigeria, the country’s income is much lower than its peers in Sub-Saharan Africa and other oil exporters.

What to expect ahead of Nigeria’s MPC meeting

Nigeria’s Monetary Policy Committee is scheduled to announce its fourth monetary decision for the year later today.

Nigeria MPC: What will influence Nigeria’s MPC interest rate decision?

Nigeria’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will today announce the 6th and final monetary decision of the year. CEO of CFG Advisory, Tilewa Adebajo and Group Head of Corporate Banking at Coronation Merchant Bank, Ademola Adekoya both join CNBC Africa to discuss some issues that could influence the MPC’s decision.

Key takeaways from Nigeria’s MPC meet

Nigeria’s Monetary Policy Committee says tightening the monetary policy should not be an option right now, as all members voted unanimously to hold the benchmark interest rate at 13.5 per cent. Egie Akpata, Director of Union Capital Markets joins CNBC Africa for more.