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Nigerian MPC: What will the CBN do?

The two biggest economies in Africa are holding MPC meetings today and tomorrow respectively. We shift our focus to the West of Africa with Nigeria as they experienced a slight second quarter GDP growth which may impact the rate decision. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Benedict Craven, Principal Economist for Africa at EIU.

Namibia’s journey of economic recovery

Namibia’s economy is in recovery after suffering from a two year recession. Joining CNBC Africa for more on this is Benedict Craven, Principal Economist for Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s hard currency shortages weigh on businesses

The Economic Intelligence Unit says businesses in some of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economies have been forced to close or reduce production over access to hard currency or working capital to keep their import-dependent operations afloat. Benedict Craven, Country Risk Manager at Economic Intelligence Unit joins CNBC Africa for more.