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This blockchain platform is set to resolve land registry issues in Africa

A new blockchain technology is set to transform the property market by solving land registry issues in Africa. This innovation is looking to unlock billions of dollars within Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Daniel Bloch, CEO of SESO Global.

Tari’s Riccardo Spagni on the latest Blockchain market trends

Like a millennial, Blockchain Technology is too young to have a set personality trend. The market is constantly changing on a day-to-day basis. Riccardo Spagni, co-Founder of Tari has spotted some trends and joins CNBC Africa for more.

How to use boredom to enhance creativity

Manoush Zomorodi speaking at YPO Edge tells CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi why she left a successful career as a journalist, author and podcast host to co-found a media company, partially funded by cryptocurrency, that plans to use blockchain technology to quash “fake news” around the world and dispel the myth that being bored is bad.

How this S.African food innovator is commercialising an age old African tradition

Innovator and Co-Founder of Gourmet Grubb Leah Bessa is taking an age old African and Asian tradition and commercialising it. Speaking to CNBC Africa’s Kopano Gumbi at YPO Edge she explains how she is redefining the way you think of insects when you eat. She argues that insects can provide a viable and sustainable alternative to meat and dairy, contributing to food security worldwide.

The current state of Blockchain technology

According to PwC’s 2018 survey, 84 per cent of organisations say they have at least some involvement with Blockchain technology, while 46 per cent see financial services as the next leaders of the technology. Andrew Nevin, Partner and Chief Economist at PWC join CNBC Africa to unpack the report and discuss the current state of adoption of the Blockchain technology.

This digital platform aims to tackle Sickle cell disease in Africa

Sickle cell disease is one of the causes of early childhood Mortality in Africa with figures indicating that the disease affects up to 3% of births in some parts of the continent. Shivom, a company that uses blockchain technology to connect patients is partnering with eMQT to provide underserved communities in Africa with access to digital healthcare. Natalie Pankova, Chief Operating Officer at Shivom joins CNBC Africa for more.