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The hidden opportunities in decentralised finance

On a single day this week the value of the entire cryptocurrency market fell over $26 billion. That day was on Monday. The sell-off followed a plummet in oil prices. Today they are down again. To find out what gives and to discuss the hidden opportunities in decentralised financing, CNBC Africa is joined by Richard de Souza, CEO of AltCoin Trader.

LinkedIn reveals the most in-demand job skills in 2020

The top 10 most in-demand hard skills globally revealed.

ZAR X launches SA’s first blockchain trading platform for unit trusts

Emerging South African stock exchange ZAR X will become the country’s first blockchain based trading platform. The new technological creation aims to make the process of transacting easier and more efficient for directly buying and selling a range of unit trust funds. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Etienne Nel, CEO of ZAR X.

Tackling Africa’s socio-economic challenges with blockchain

CNBC Africa is joined by Yaliwe Soko, a woman who has taken on the male dominated arena of technology and cryptocurrency and aims to use blockchain technology to solve Africa’s issues of job creation, skills developments, poverty alleviation and much more. She is the Chairwoman of the United Africa Blockchain Association and the Founder of Essence Crypto Consultants.

Kamari CEO: Why Blockchain is the answer to Africa’s growth challenges

As Africa’s population doubles to two billion over the next several decades, its GDP has been predicted to increase from $2 trillion today to $29 trillion by 2050. With a growing population and expanding economy, the continent requires innovative solutions to overcome the hurdles that continue to plague governments across the continent. Chris Cleverly, CEO of Kamari joins CNBC Africa for more.

MERJ plans to integrate Blockchain technology into markets

MERJ, an exchange in Seychelles is on a mission to use pioneering technology to change the global financial markets for the next generation. To do this the company is integrating blockchain technology into their exchange. Bobby Brantley, CEO and Managing Director of MERJ Clear and Depository.

Facebook leads consortium creating Libra digital currency, launches Calibra digital wallet

Facebook is unveiling an ambitious plan to create a new digital currency and financial system to transform the way money moves around the world, and not just on its own apps.

How this archaeology start-up is using Blockchain to uplift Bahamians

Matthew Arnett, CEO of PO8 is using Blockchain to better the lives of his fellow Bahamians, by recovering and reshaping the ownership of sunken treasures and artefacts. PO8 is marine archaeology start-ups that excavates such treasures from the ocean floors to generate unearthed sources of revenue. PO8 CEO Matthew Arnett joins CNBC Africa for more.