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Why Mnangagwa doesn’t have the answers to Zimbabwe’s troubled economy

Mnangagwa’s administration is struggling to overcome the national economic destruction wreaked on Zimbabwe over two decades under Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe’s new finance minister considering scrapping bond notes, what you need to know…

Zimbabwe introduced bond notes in November 2016 in a bid to ease acute shortages of cash.

Limbo over Zimbabwe scraping bond notes

Limbo over Zimbabwe scraping bond notes

Zimbabwe central bank warms up ‘bond note’ printing presses

Zimbabwe is more than doubling its issuance of "bond notes", a domestic quasi-currency, to $500 million, its central bank governor said on Wednesday, stoking fears of a slide towards the rampant money-printing...

IMF says bond note cannot solve Zimbabwe’s economic problems

Zimbabwe's "bond note" surrogate currency will not solve its economic problems, the International Monetary Fund said, adding that only comprehensive reforms would address a fiscal crisis.

Zimbabwe introduces new bond note as cash shortages bite

The southern African nation introduced a $2 note and $1 coin last November to ease the cash shortages.

Zimbabwe sees 2016 budget deficit nearly 800 pct higher than forecast

Chinamasa had pencilled in a deficit of $150 million in November 2016, equivalent to 1.1 percent of GDP.

Water cannon soaks Zimbabwean "fake money" protest

Activists protesting the introduction of "bond notes" in Zimbabwe scattered by riot police water cannon.