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I’m an incurable optimist! We will adapt to survive COVID-19 says African billionaire Wiese

“It is the worst I could have ever imagined. I mean if somebody had told me such a thing is possible, I would have disputed that.- I don’t think the world has seen anything like it is going through at the moment,”

Mergence, Christo Wiese’s Titan joins forces to repair Brait

Activist investor Mergence has joined forces with billionaire Christo Wiese’s Titan to repair Brait’s balance sheet and unlock value at the investment company, which owns gym group, Virgin Active, see...

How this analyst views retail tycoon Christo Wiese’s plan to shake-up Brait

According to media reports, retail tycoon and African billionaire Christo Wiese wants a shake-up at Brait that includes raising R3 billion and selling all assets except for Virgin Active. Will it regain shareholder value? Cobus Potgieter, Portfolio Manager at AIP Capital Management shared his views.

Why 2018’s secret investment winner, could win in 2019

The benefits of preference shares dividend yields should not be underestimated, especially in difficult investment environments.

SA investors have a problem due to high concentration risk

Adam Ebrahim, Chief Investment Officer, Oasis Asset Management argues that the South African equity market is highly concentrated in a few stocks which presents dangers for investors.

Has Christo Wiese lost his Midas touch with Brait?

Has Christo Wiese lost his Midas touch with Brait?