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Grit Real Estate CEO on company delisting from the JSE

Property group, Grit Real Estate has reported its plans to delist from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange at the end of July, but will keep its listings on the London and Mauritian stock exchange. Joining CNBC Africa for more on its South African listing is Bronwyn Corbett, Co-founder and CEO of Grit Real Estate Group.

Acquisitions boost Grit Real Estate’s earnings as company looks to diversify from retail

Mauritius-based Grit Real Estate has declared an unchanged dividend amount of 5.25 dollar cents for its interim 2019 results. The group’s profit from operations increased by 46.6 per cent to $10. 7million and it has recently entered into its 8th African country via a Moroccan real estate investment fund. Grit Real Estate CEO, Bronwyn Corbett joins CNBC Africa for more.

Grit CEO: Why we remain bullish on Africa

Africa-focused income distribution group Grit is targeting acquisitions of R7 billion spread across multiple sectors in the near terms. Bronwyn Corbett, CEO of Grit Real Estate Income Group joins CNBC Africa for more.

Grit Real Estate reports strong interim performance

Grit Real Estate's interim profits from operations are up 75 per cent to $7 million. The London Stock Exchange listed group faced a tough retail market but managed to make some gains. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Bronwyn Corbett, CEO and Founder, Grit.

Grit CEO Bronwyn Corbett on listing on the London Stock Exchange

Listed Africa focused distribution group, Grit will officially seek approval from the UK Listing Authority to proceed with its listing on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. Joining CNBC Africa is Bronwyn Corbett, Chief Executive and Founding member of Grit.