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Biden’s running mate: How the Harris pick impacts the race for the Whitehouse

The political arena in the United States has certainly been one to watch, with the heated race to the third of November presidential election, and escalating tensions between the Trump administration and China. Brooks Spector, former American Diplomat & Associate Editor of the Daily Maverick joins CNBC Africa to give us insights into the road to the US 2020 elections.

Trump’s impeachment goes to a vote, how will this impact the 2020 presidential elections?

The United States House of Representatives will be voting on President Trump’s impeachment today. This is only the third time in US political history that a sitting president has undergone impeachment proceedings. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss what this means is Brooks Spector, former US diplomat and Associate Editor at Daily Maverick and Professor John Stremlau, International Relations Professor at Wits University.