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Poor wealth forecasts for South Africa due to COVID-19: SA Wealth Report

The South African Wealth Report for 2020, compiled using research obtained by the New World Wealth, provides a statistical summary and analysis of South Africa’s current position in the wealth market.

Here are the 5 most common biggest regrets by 21 self-made billionaires

What distinguishes the billionaire’s thought process from everyone else’s? What are their secrets to achieving outrageous success? What are their belief systems? What gives them the energy to pursue ambitious goals?

Rwanda hosts inaugural Kigali audio visual forum

Rwanda hosted the inaugural Kigali audio visual forum that brought together major players in the audio-visual sector as well as donors, students and financiers to discuss the trends, map out future business opportunities in the industry and provide networking opportunities for professionals. CNBC Africa filed this report.

Grassroots reporting on youth issues on the eve of the 72nd UNGA

Putting a human face on youth unemployment statistics on the eve of the United Nations General Assembly.