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Billionaire Mark Cuban: This is the ‘biggest mistake’ people make when starting a business

Tech billionaire Mark Cuban, who told Ryan Seacrest the “biggest mistake” an entrepreneur can make when launching a new business.

How do ‘unseen’ businesses in South Africa’s townships catch a big bank’s eye ?

Businesses in townships - areas designated for non-whites under apartheid - have largely been ignored by big banks in Johannesburg’s financial district Sandton, even though some have tens of millions of revenue a year.

How businesses, influencers make money from YouTube

YouTube grabs the attention of many millennials and younger kids with instant and interactive videos of almost anything you could think of. However, YouTube has also become a form of income to many ambitious and creative individuals and if used correctly a way to boost business growth. We take a look at the world of Multi-Channel Networks which acts as a service provider for YouTube channels creating content programming, video editing and even sales. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Danilo Acquisto, CEO of Special Effects Media.

YIDA founder shares on how young entrepreneurs can attract investors, secure funding

The inaugural Very Young Entrepreneur Education and Acceleration summit is underway at the Hilton Hotel in Johannesburg. CNBC Africa's Lubabalo Mashiqana caught up with Vanessa Ishimwe, Founder of Youth Initiative for Development in Africa about her journey and how the youth can go about getting investments for their businesses in Rwanda.

Rwandan businesses prepare for Valentine’s Day rush

Valentine’s Day is known to be a gift-giving occasion for people who love each other, and a money making day to businesses. CNBC Africa’s Zwena Bachoo was on the ground to find out, how well businesses prepare for the day.

What are the consequences climate change will have on small businesses in Africa?

Climate change is going to have huge consequences all over the world, especially in Africa.

Influencer marketing facts you need to know

47 essential facts about influencer marketing

Overcoming small business challenges and failures

Overcoming small business challenges and failures