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Oil firms to resume operations after long halt over capital gains tax

Ugandan oil companies have caved in to pressure and proposed fresh dialogue to resolve the current standoff with the government, a month after suspending all technical activities in Uganda’s budding oil and gas sector. Research Analyst at Crested Capital, Oscar Emasu joins CNBC Africa for more.

The tax, discount implications of Naspers shareholders taking up their Prosus shares

It's decision time for Naspers shareholders. They are required to make a choice between taking up shares in Prosus, the new European-listed business that will hold Naspers’ non-SA investments, including its stake in Tencent, or taking up additional Naspers shares. Should you elect Prosus shares, which is the outcome if you take no action, you will likely trigger a capital gains tax liability. For example if you own 500 shares you will likely trigger a CGT liability of around R83 033. So what should you do? Henry Biddlecombe, Portfolio Manager at Anchor Capital South Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.