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How data can help capital markets manage future shocks

The Nigerian Stock Exchange aims to bring the spotlight on the importance of data in mitigating shocks in the capital markets and focus on how identifying consistent patterns can help deliver a better return on investment. Jude Chiemeka, Head of Trading Business Division at the NSE joins CNBC Africa’s Kenneth Igbomor for more.

Naira Outlook: CBN working on gradual unification of exchange rates

No doubt Nigeria's currency has come under pressure in recent months; the Central Bank of Nigeria says it is working towards the gradual unification of exchange rates. But what does the CBN's recent move in asking lenders to bid for dollars at 5 per cent above the official rate mean for the markets going forward? Victor Aluyi, Head of Portfolio Management at Comercio Partners joins CNBC Africa for more.

JSE launches new sustainability segment

Green bonds, social bonds and sustainability bonds all to help with the Sustainable Development Goal commitments. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange announced this week that the Green Bond Segment will expand to a fully-fledged Sustainability Segment. The aim – provide a platform for companies to raise debt for green, social and sustainable initiatives. What does this mean? Valdene Reddy, Director of Capital Markets at the JSE joins CNBC Africa for more.

JSE unveils relief measures for business in distress

With several JSE listed companies from Comair to Phumelela going into business rescue, Africa’s largest bourse has announced relief measures to businesses that are affected by the pandemic and in financial distress. Valdene Reddy, Director of Capital Markets at the JSE joins CNBC Africa for more.

Op-Ed: Why now is not the time for Africa to mimic rich countries over COVID-19

Here's why e-commerce entrepreneur Mark Doumba believes African countries will overcome COVID-19 with smarter policy responses

Julius Bizimungu reflects on Rwanda’s economic growth in 2019, forecasts 2020

Rwanda registered $2.46bn in investments for the year 2019, on the other hand the government has returned to the capital markets with a $15.8mn Bond and we also take a look at the highlights of the World Bank global economic prospect’s report. Journalist of The New Times Rwanda, Julius Bizimungu joins CNBC Africa for more.

Vetiva’s capital markets outlook for Nigeria

How will local and international investors participate in Nigeria's capital markets next year? Usoro Essien, Head of Research at Vetiva joins CNBC Africa to discuss expectations for the markets and investment climate outlook for Nigeria.

AUX Capital CEO Chinedu Anozia on how to grow Nigeria’s capital markets

The Nigerian Stock Exchange says total transactions at the bourse increased by 15.95 per cent from about 398 in August to about $461.50 million as at 30th September this year. To discuss this and for an outlook on the trading session for the rest of the week, Chinedu Anozia, CEO of AUX Capital joins CNBC Africa.