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Op Ed: East African finance ministers to present budgets for new fiscal year

Finance ministers of East Africa are expected to table their respective budgets in coming days for the new financial year that begins on July 1.

Prudential Authority offers relief measures, guidance to South African banks amid COVID-19 crisis

As households and businesses in South Africa struggle to cope with the current economic turmoil and uncertainty brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prudential Authority (PA) has welcomed the measures taken by banks to support their customers financially.

Will extra capital lead to growth in Nigeria’s Insurance industry?

Coronation Merchant Bank says they have identified 14 Nigerian insurers which are raising N83 billion out of the 44 firms that submitted their plans to raise capital. But will extra capital in Nigeria's Insurance industry lead to growth? Guy Czartoryski, Head of Research at Coronation Merchant Bank joins CNBC Africa for an outlook on Nigeria’s insurance sector this year.

Op-Ed: Raising capital to finance development – the AfDB as innovator and catalyst

Africa’s financing needs will remain very large over the next few decades. Both public and private capital formation will be necessary to pursue the necessary structural transformation of African economies into industrial and post-industrial societies.

Airtel’s NSE listing: What you need to know

Ahead of Airtel Africa’s listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Kayode Akindele a Partner at TIA Capital joins CNBC Africa for more.

Here’s what’s needed to build Africa’s digital economy

Here's what's needed to build Africa's digital economy

Capital expenditure by top global miners at record low: report

Large global mining companies have cut back on investments despite a turnaround in profitability.

Egypt tightens rules on importers in crackdown on foreign goods

Egypt's Trade Ministry has issued tough new regulations on importers by sharply raising the minimum capital they need to operate.