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BUSA CEO on post-COVID-19 investment opportunities

Business for SA has estimated that South Africa’s GDP could drop between 8.8 per cent to 16.1 per cent in 2020, joining CNBC Africa to unpack more on this and the release of the ANC economic recovery strategy Post-COVID-19 is Cas Coovadia the CEO of Business Unity SA.

COVID-19: Cas Coovadia on why govt. should rethink its strategy on reopening the economy

South Africa’s government needs to step on the accelerator and speed up the phased restart of the economy from Covid-19 lock-downs to minimise hardship, hunger and desperation. That’s the view of business alliance group, Business for South Africa. The business group says failure to speed up the return to normal activity could in fact weaken the country’s ability to fight the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Cas Coovadia, CEO of Business for South Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

History chooses its people, says Basa’s new CEO Bongiwe Kunene

“History chooses its people.” You don’t need too much insight to get the context of these words from a woman with arguably one of the toughest jobs in South African business. Bongiwe Kunene is the new head of the Banking Association of South Africa – replacing veteran Cas Coovadia. She is walking straight into a banking world dogged by junk status, poor growth and COVID-19.

Multi-billion suit against SA banks over unlawful home foreclosures

The Lungelo Lethu Human Rights Foundation has filed a class action suit against major banks worth more than R60 billion and hold banks responsible for evictions of about 100 000 housing bond defaulters from their properties since the constitution came into effect in 1994. Joining CNBC Africa to discuss what this means for banks and what’s at stake if land grabs are sanctioned is Cas Coovadia, Managing Director of the Banking Association of South Africa.

Basa: Business will invest if the SA govt carries out this …..

A group of Chief Executive Officers of leading businesses met with President Cyril Ramaphosa and his advisors to discuss how business and government can work together to address the urgent socio-economic challenges facing our country. Cas Coovadia, Managing Director of The Banking Association of South Africa joins CNBC Africa for more.

BASA’s Cas Coovadia gives a thumbs up to Ramaphosa’s cabinet announcement

Managing director for the Banking Association of South Africa (BASA) Cas Coovadia give his views on president Ramaphosa’s cabinet announcement.

Did fimin Mboweni do enough to avoid ratings downgrade?

Under the circumstances, Cas Coovadia, Managing Director of the Banking Association of South Africa, was happy with the Budget Speech today. He told CNBC Africa’s Fifi Peters it was important to put conditions for the utilisation of funds for SEOs, and to make public the details of the Presidential Task Team’s recommendations and how Eskom will be broken up into three, and how the funding will be linked to that. He also gave his opinion of the Budget as a whole and a potential ratings downgrade.

Political parties, individuals fingered in VBS Mutual Bank looting

CNBC Africa is joined by MD of Banking Association South Africa, Cas Coovadia to unpack the latest VBS saga. The VBS Mutual Bank has collapsed after looting of about R2 billion. High ranking individuals and parties have been implicated in a report which has unlocked a long standing rot raising questions of compliance or non-compliance which went unnoticed till late.