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The impact of West, Central Africa floods on commodities

Heavy rains across the Sahel regions of West and Central Africa over the past weeks in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon have caused devastating floods displacing and destroying farmlands as well as raising food and commodity process concerns. Joining CNBC Africa’s Kenneth Igbomor to discuss this is Edward George, leading Independent Commodities Expert.

Op-Ed: Rumours of a CFA franc devaluation in West & Central Africa dispelled

“There has been considerable uncertainty and speculation about the capacity of both the West African Economic and Monetary Union (Waemu) and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa’s (Cemac) to absorb these shocks and to protect the value of their respective regional currency pegs to the euro,” writes economist, George Ott.

A call to strengthen regional integration in Central Africa through trade

For regional integration to be successful in the Central African region there must be strong political commitment. This is according to Ousmane Dore the Director General of the Central Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery of the African Development Bank. He joined CNBC Africa to discuss the opportunities for regional integration in central Africa.

The key challenges that DRC’s new president faces

Without a prime minister for the first four months of his presidency, Tshisekedi has not been able to set out a clear legislative agenda. There are a number of challenges he will have to tackle head on.

DRC’s election outlook: Who has the edge?

On December 23, DRC will vote in a set of elections that have been delayed for two years. There are three main contenders in the presidential election.

Op-Ed: Here’s what could trigger an early presidential election in Gabon

Gabon's president Ali Bongo remains incommunicado.

OpEd: Fleeting moment of unity for DRC’s opposition

The Congolese opposition picked a unity candidate for the presidential election taking place on December 23.

OpEd: The outlook for the legislative election in Gabon

Gabon is about to finally hold its legislative election, a poll that was originally scheduled for December 2016.