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Uganda introduces digital tax stamps

Uganda has introduced digital tax stamps in efforts to increase tax compliance, fight counterfeits and make it easy to trace origin of the affected goods. Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa to help understand the impact of this project.

Uganda improves rank by 11 positions in Ease of Doing Business rankings

Uganda has improved 11 steps forward in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report 2020. The World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report 2020 ranked Uganda at 116th position from 127th out of 190 economies that were surveyed. In the report, it is indicated that the country made only one reform in the area of access to electricity over the last 12 months. Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Charles Bwogi: How to address the widening trade deficit between SA & Uganda

South Africa's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Uganda increased to 1.3 in 2018 from $803 million dollars in 2017, according to figures. In a recent business summit, both countries committed to forge more partnerships and enhance trade. To discuss this as well as Bank of Uganda’s Annual report, Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa.

How best should Uganda handle its foreign debt?

The Bank of Uganda is considering purchasing about $1billion to service external debt and other government imports of goods and services in the 2019/2020 financial year. However, analysts warn that this might put more pressure on the local currency and erode the gains it has made lately. For a better understanding, Analyst Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa.

Uganda Airlines expands route network, adds 3 more regional flights

Uganda Airlines is set to add three more regional flights to its schedule this month increasing its destinations to seven. Meanwhile, there’s high optimism about the country’s efforts towards imports substitution. To discuss this, Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Analysis: Why some firms are exiting Uganda

Recent reports indicate that some firms are exiting Uganda's market. These include financial sector exits like Alexander Forbes and African Alliance which closed some time ago and the recent announcement of Stanlib Uganda to take leave. To understand why, Ugandan Business Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa's Fiona Muthoni for more.