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How COVID-19 has impacted Rwanda’s flower & coffee exports

Traditional exports have seen a great deep as major supply routes were affected but Rwanda tea and flower exports have seen an increase in the first half of the year despite effects of the pandemic.

The 2019/20 coffee exports in this East African country to rise to a record high

Exporters in the East African country are facing increased regulation, the USDA said, with the government banning several exporters in recent months for defaulting on their contracts and hoarding beans.

Rwanda plans to increase coffee exports

Rwanda hopes to increase coffee exports to 24,500 tons at the end of this year, up from 23,000 tons last year. For more on how this can be achieved CNBC Africa spoke with Clay Parker, Managing Director of Rwanda Trading Company which processes and exports 40 per cent of Rwanda’s yearly coffee production, making it the biggest coffee exporter in the country.