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The harsh realities of being an entrepreneur. He first had to deal with the dot-com crash, now his coffee business is being hit by...

Entrepreneur Jonathan Robinson saw his dotcom dream disappear overnight, he awoke from the nightmare to smell the coffee only to suffer COVID-19.

Here’s how heavy rains & climate change is impacting coffee yields in Kenya

From heavy rains resulting in lowered quality, production and subsequently prices of coffee in Kenya, to the Government banning international events for 30 days due to the new coronavirus crisis. Journalist, Joseph Bonyo joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kenya’s CMA to tighten regulation of coffee sales as way to combat cartels

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) will start to regulate the sale of coffee at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, a move that seeks to curb cartels in the sector. According to draft regulations published by Treasury CS, Ukur Yatani, the Agriculture and Food Authority’s Coffee Directorate will cease to regulate the coffee sales – including the weekly auctions in Nairobi. George Bodo, Director of Callstreet Research joins CNBC Africa for more.

What the future holds for East Africa’s coffee industry

Coffee is a major export crop in most East African countries, underlining its importance to the region’s economy. As the world celebrates International coffee day – to discuss the future of the sector amid falling prices, among other challenges, East Africa COO of SUCAFINA SA, Justin Archer joins CNBC Africa for more.

How Rwanda is empowering its small coffee producers, reducing reliance on international coffee markets

At the top of the year it was announced by National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) that the farm gate price of coffee dropped from last year to this season, leaving local coffee farmers and producers no choice but to adapt to the international market prices. This development only adds to other challenges being faced by the industry and today. To see how they suggest these setbacks can be overcome but the small and medium players in the sector, country Manager of Challenges Group, Neil Walker joins CNBC Africa for more.

The 2019/20 coffee exports in this East African country to rise to a record high

Exporters in the East African country are facing increased regulation, the USDA said, with the government banning several exporters in recent months for defaulting on their contracts and hoarding beans.

Is it time for Rwandan coffee to go global

Have you ever tried Rwandan coffee? Well, maybe you should, because the Europe Union believes that this award-winning Rwandan crop deserves to be promoted worldwide; the EU alongside the International Coffee Organization and the Ernesto Illy Foundation came together to create a “Symphony of Coffee”. CNBC Africa’s Zwena Bachoo filed this report.

Ethiopia introduces new policies to boost coffee production

As Ethiopian coffee continues to dominate world markets, the government is creating opportunities for farmers, suppliers and exporters in these industries to benefit from direct market chain. CNBC Africa spoke to Adugna Debela, Director General of Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority for more on this.