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‘Digital colonialism’: Here’s why some countries are considering taking control of their people’s data from Big Tech companies

There is a global standoff going on about who stores your data. At the close of June’s G20 summit in Japan, a number of developing countries refused to sign an international declaration on data flows – the so-called Osaka Track. Part of the reason why countries such as India, Indonesia and South Africa boycotted the declaration was because they had no opportunity to put their own interests about data into the document.

Op-Ed: Decolonising research methodology must include undoing its dirty history

Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni | University of South Africa   Maori anthropologist Linda Tuhiwai Smith, in her seminal work Decolonising Methodologies, argues that Re-search is a dirty word. Hyphenating “research” into “re-search” is very useful because it reveals what...

Op-Ed: Capitalism – The only radical choice

Capitalism, and the individual freedom it necessarily protects, flies directly in the face of the deep desire of some people to control the lives of others.

It will take critical, thorough scrutiny to truly decolonise knowledge

It has become unfashionable to admit that one doesn’t really understand what phrases like “decolonising knowledge” or “a decolonised curriculum” mean. This is unfortunate. The process of coming to understand what decolonisation...

Op-Ed: The pros and cons of commercial farming models in Africa

By Ruth Hall, University of the Western Cape; Dzodzi Tsikata, University of Ghana, and Ian Scoones, University of Sussex Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but...