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How Uganda plans to recover from COVID-19 induced economic shocks

Uganda started her new fiscal year last month and it was notable that the country’s finance minister’s budget reading had not taken the economic shortfalls from COVID-19 into account, but having faced lock-downs and economic hits, how is the East African Community member state planning on recovering? Economic Analyst, Charles Bwogi joins CNBC Africa for more.

Assessing Kenya’s tax collection strategy amid COVID-19

Kenya’s tax receipts for July were indicative of what could be a very difficult financial year for tax collection having dropped to Ksh94.54 billion in taxes in July compared with Sh107.45 billion a year earlier due to the Covid-19. Edna Gitachu, Tax Policy Lead at PwC Kenya joins CNBC Africa for more.

COVID-19: How the pandemic is driving a new e-commerce wave in Kenya

In Kenya, Bolt Business Delivery that was launched on the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has witnessed increased deliveries and cashless payments on its platform. Joining CNBC Africa to unpack this trend is Ola Akinnusi, Country Manager, Bolt Kenya.

How digital infrastructure & technology can help bridge the inequality gap in Rwanda

How exactly can the increase in digital infrastructure and technology be aligned with adoption, affordability and equality? CNBC Africa spoke with Patrick Buchana, CEO AC Group LTD for more.

Here’s how COVID-19 is impacting EA’s commodity markets

Movement restrictions and other efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus have led to unprecedented disruptions to supply chains. And according to the World Bank, additional border-crossing requirements have led to higher transport costs, affecting agriculture and food commodities. Joshua Rugema, CEO of East Africa Exchange joins CNBC Africa for more.

Uganda Securities Exchange CEO on how COVID-19 is impacting the bourse

The economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had wide severe impact on financial markets not leaving behind stocks, bond and commodity markets. Uganda Securities Exchange CEO, Paul Bwiso joins CNBC Africa for more.