Tag: Continental Free Trade Area

How Agility plans to benefit from Africa’s new free trade area

Agility is building a network of international-standard logistics parks in key markets across Africa to support the development of domestic and regional trade. CNBC Africa caught up with Geoffrey White, CEO Agility Africa to share more on how the company plans to strategize around the continental free trade area.

Op-Ed: Trade in Africa should be free, but it must be inclusive

As Africa prepares to formalise a similar economic agenda in the form of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA), these are the important lessons that must be reconciled about building identity and unity.

Op-Ed: How investors can capture Africa’s high returns

Africa's expanding population and strong economic growth could translate into especially high returns for investors, but Western countries are losing ground to China, Professor Landry Signé warns.

Making rich Africa work for poor Africans

When all is said and done, successful implementation will depend on Africans shared values and identity.