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South African mine tries faster drilling technique to cut costs

Many companies are experimenting with new ways of cutting into mineral deposits to improve profit margins.

Op-Ed: The debt ensemble plays on in 2017

Sovereign debt continues to rise in Sub Saharan Africa and many analysts don’t see debt levels and debt servicing costs diminishing in 2017.

No to local Visa card transactions – Zimbabwe's largest bank

Zimbabwe's biggest banking group CBZ Holdings suspends the use of Visa cards for local transactions due to high costs and cash shortages.

Downgrade could triple South Africa's borrowing costs

Jonas said debt servicing costs were the highest growing item in October's medium-term budget.

Cost of power generation in SA

The CSIR study shows the significant reduction in the cost of energy from wind and solar PV generation technologies in South Africa.

How to play retirement catch-up

Research indicates that many South Africans are not saving adequately for retirement, or have dipped into retirement savings to pay for debt