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Lifeline thrown at Steinhoff as creditors agree to debt lock-up, what you need to know

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Steinhoff’s creditors agreed to hold on their debt claims for three years, the embattled retailer said on Friday, throwing a lifeline for the South African retailer caught in the...

Kenyan banks’ exposure to KQ

Kenyan banks’ exposure to KQ

Kenya government says to guarantee $750 mln in Kenya Airways debt

Kenya will offer $750 million in guarantees to Kenya Airways' existing creditors.

Nigeria takes controls of Arik Air to stabilise it ahead of sale

The founder of Arik Air, has said the government seized the airline to meet a political goal of creating a "national carrier".

Mozambique default on eurobond was unnecessary

A deteriorating economic and fiscal situation made its ability to repay debt this year extremely limited.

Mozambique – Creditor committee for disgruntled bond holders

The group said it represented 60 percent of the holders of Mozambique's controversial 2023 "tuna bond".