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Op-Ed: A tourism outlook on the looting of shops and xenophobia

Personal safety and security for tourists in South Africa is a challenge, that impacts on the competitiveness of South Africa negatively.

Uganda’s cash-strapped cops spend $126 million on CCTV system, what you need to know

KAMPALA (Reuters) - A forest of slender white poles topped with dark, unblinking eyes is quietly sprouting on the rubbish-strewn, potholed street corners of the Ugandan capital.

Here’s how weather conditions impact crime rates in South Africa

This sign could be interpreted literally. Shutterstock Gregory Breetzke, University of Pretoria Over the past few decades there has been a growing worldwide interest in examining the relationship between weather and various types of crime....

Mugabe misses Zimbabwean parliamentary hearing on $15 billion diamond loss

Lawmakers are investigating former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's claim that $15 billion of the country's diamond wealth is missing.

Op-Ed: How tax evasion and dirty money are draining Africa

Tax evasion benefits individuals to the detriment of society, wiping out state services. It also hampers the achievement of the eight United Nations millennium development goals (MDGs), which were designed to meet...

Rwandan man jailed for life for genocide crimes

Clement Uwiringiyimana | KIGALI A Rwandan man accused of leading and coordinating attacks on minority Tutsis during Rwanda's 1994 genocide has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the mass slaughter,...

South Africa's Zuma asks for university 'mayhem' to be dealt with

At least six universities' classes have been disrupted and some suspended.