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Uganda’s cash-strapped cops spend $126 million on CCTV system, what you need to know

KAMPALA (Reuters) - A forest of slender white poles topped with dark, unblinking eyes is quietly sprouting on the rubbish-strewn, potholed street corners of the Ugandan capital.

Migration in the Mediterranean: It’s time for the ICC to put European leaders on trial, here’s why

In June this year two lawyers filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) naming European Union member states’ migration policies in the Mediterranean as crimes against humanity.

China says 31 nationals detained in Zambia for illegal mining

Zambia has detained 31 Chinese nationals for illegal mining.

Ivory Coast’s former first lady cleared of war crimes charges

A court in Ivory Coast acquitted former First Lady Simone Gbagbo of crimes against humanity and war crimes charges linked to her role in a 2011 civil war that killed about 3,000...