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COVID-19: What opportunities exist for the cyber security industry?

With many parts of the world having shut down in one way or the other to curb the spread of COVID-19, many workers have had to adapt to working from home but with the new work stations there has been a great spike in cyber security hacks. But what kind of opportunities has this presented for the cyber security industry? Betsy Mugo Bevilacqua, Co-Founder and Business Strategy Lead at Tabiri Analytics Inc joins CNBC Africa for more.

How to protect your business from cyber-attacks amid the COVID-19 lock-down

Security solutions specialists, LAWtrust provides digital security for South Africa’s top three banks and they joins CNBC Africa to discuss the safety of online banking during the COVID-19 lock-down and how businesses and individuals could protect themselves from cyber-crimes. Rian Schoeman, Head of the Legal Department at LAWtrust shares insight.

How to safeguard your data during COVID-19

At a time when people are working from home as a measure to restrain the spread of COVID-19 outbreak, studies have shown that the disruption caused by the outbreak has seen a rise in hacker activity. Dr. Bright Mawudor, Head of Cyber Security Services at Internet Solutions Kenya LTD joined CNBC Africa to share insights into how to protect yourself.

Why cybercrime remains a top concern for SA businesses

Jordan Rae Kelly, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting joins CNBC Africa for her the insights into the global cyber security landscape.

Zenith Bank CEO on tackling wrong use of loans and cybercrime in Nigeria

The Group Managing Director and CEO of Zenith Bank, Ebenezer Onyeagwu says banks need to collaborate with investors to achieve efficient use of loan facilities. He cites cyber security as a major challenge – he begins by highlighting steps taken to combat wrong use of loans by borrowers. He joins CNBC Africa’s Esther Awoniyi for more.