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COVID-19: Trend Micro’s Siriniwasa on the cybersecurity implications of working remotely

As most organisations now turn to the digital space and adapt to remote working, cybersecurity security awareness is increasing. A study from Trend Micro found that 66 per cent of remote workers in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are more conscious of their organisation’s cybersecurity policies since the COVID-19 lockdowns began. Indi Siriniwasa, Vice President of Sub Saharan Africa at Trend Micro joins CNBC Africa for more.

Black Friday: SA’s busiest cyber-crime day

South Africa awaits to take advantage of Black Friday discounts this in two days’ time there are number of things to look out for especially when it comes to online purchases. According to a cybersecurity company, Lawtrust majority of cybercrimes happen on this day. Maeson Maherry, Chief Solutions Director at Lawtrust joins CNBC Africa for more.

7 ways to protect your financial information from online scammers

As online shopping heats up ahead of the holiday season, consumers should be aware of an increasingly common scam called “e-skimming,” the FBI warns.

Understanding cybersecurity trends in SSA

Technology is increasingly on a rise and playing a central role in development of sectors, bringing together entrepreneurs, tech ventures and growing economies of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. To share more on the emerging trends in cybersecurity to keep up with the rapid adoption of technology, Harish Chib, Vice President in the Middle East & Africa region at Sophos joins CNBC Africa for more.

How your business can stay ahead of cybersecurity issues

Securing data is an ongoing battle which needs proactive rather than reactive actions to stay ahead of the curve. This is according to Yemi Saka, Partner at Deloitte Nigeria. He spoke to CNBC Africa’s Wole Famurewa on the challenges of cybersecurity and the need for regulators to stay ahead when it comes to technology boom.

Are governments doing enough to help their citizens deal with cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is an issue throughout the world and measures must be put in place to help private individuals to become more resilient to cybercrime.

Four distinct approaches for CFOs to overcome biggest challenges

CFO surveys conducted by MichaelPage Group from diverse industries have revealed four key ways of approaching regulatory changes and compliance cyber-security and data to ensure their organisation can advance and prosper in uncertain times. Joining CNBC Africa is Operating Director for Michael Page Africa, Lars Fischer.