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SA’s cabinet approves spectrum policy, here’s what it means is for consumers

South Africa's cabinet approved the policy for the new spectrum policy published by The Department of Communication. Now that the lines have been drawn in the sand, mobile service operators know how to produce data tailor made for South African consumers. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Dobek Pater, Director of Business Development at Africa Analysis.

Competition watchdog slams Vodacom, MTN for high data costs

The Competition Commission report into the high cost of data has named the South African mobile heavyweights for exploiting consumers. The report found that Vodacom and MTN were charging far more for data in South Africa than any other countries that they operate in. Both MTN and Telkom share prices were under pressure. James Hodge a Chief Economist at the Competition Commission joins CNBC Africa for more.

Internet Solutions’ Tony Walt on how to bring down SA’s high data costs

Tony Walt, Chief Solutions and Operations Officer at Internet Solutions shares his insights into what measures the South African government should take to bring down high data costs.

ANC outlines its position on data costs in SA

The Competition Commission's inquiry into high data prices has left the telecoms sector at odds with various state entities. Submissions from various Mobile service providers are stubborn in saying that data prices in South Africa are competitive and that rates cannot be lowered due to cost factors.

Here’s what SA should do to bring down data prices

Vodacom CEO Shameel outlines measures that South Africa should take to drive down data costs.

Telkom offers uncapped data & free voice calls to fixed line customers

Telkom offers uncapped data & free voice calls to fixed line customers