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Woolworths CEO Ian Moir steps down after nine years at the helm

Woolworths CEO Ian Moir will step down next month. He will be replaced by 56-year-old Roy Bagattini. Moir has been heavily criticised for the value destruction caused...

Woolworths CEO: Why you should look beyond David Jones on results

Woolworth’s struggle continues as the company’s headline earnings were down by 4.6 per cent to 330 cents per share and the groups dividend decreased by 20 per cent.

David Jones CEO David Thomas resigns

Woolworths has received the resignation of David Thomas the CEO of its subsidiary brand David Jones. The WHL Group CEO, Ian Moir, has not named Jones’s successor. Moir has assured shareholders that David Jones will be working with Woolworths’ management team in the interim. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Evan Walker, Portfolio Manager 36ONE Asset Management.