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Attracting development finance to Africa

Attracting development finance to Africa

Op-Ed: Growth is dying as the silver bullet for success. Why this may be good thing

The idea that the economic “pie” can grow indefinitely is alluring. It means everybody can have a share without limiting anybody’s greed. Rampant inequality thus becomes socially acceptable because we hope the...

Uganda says seeking $500 mn loan from China for roads

Uganda says it has asked China for a $500 million loan to help build almost 600 km (360 miles) of roads in the country's oil-rich west, amid criticism over heavy borrowing that...

Nigeria orders developers in Niger Delta to resume work within 30 days

Nigeria has given contractors 30 days to resume delayed development projects in the Niger Delta oil region or face prosecution, the presidency said on Tuesday. The government has been trying to build new...

Drilling to begin in Kenya with Africa Oil & partners

The South Lokichar Basin in north Kenya is now estimated to have 766 million barrels of recoverable contingent oil resources.

Why Ethiopia wants to develop Islamic finance

Islamic finance is still new in Ethiopia, despite the government allowing financial institutions to offer such products back in 2008.

UNESCO calls for urgent attention to education before 2030 deadline – Survey

Education is at the core of environmental transformation and will help propel progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.