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How this African tech start-up is disrupting America’s public safety industry

South African born tech company RapidDeploy has become the most disruptive company to hit the United States public safety industry in decades. The company raised over R250 million in investments after starting out in the emergency first responder community in Cape Town. Joining CNBC Africa for more is Steven Raucher, CEO of RapidDeploy.

How this SA company is disrupting the diesel truck fridge systems

The world’s first battery-electric truck refrigeration system known as PolarLi has been created by Maxwell and Spark, A South African company who specialises in custom battery production and solar energy. The PolarLi is set to replace the standard diesel truck fridge with its energy conscious technology that emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making it the greenest truck fridge in the world. Joining CNBC Africa for this week’s Disruptors is Clinton Bemont, CEO of Maxwell and Spark.