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South African e-commerce is a COVID-fired market of risk and reward

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Like many of her compatriots, Kubashnee Moodley made her first foray into online shopping during South Africa’s coronavirus lockdown. She is not a satisfied customer.The 42-year-old business...

Why Billionaire Jack Ma says he’d never get a job at Alibaba today

Billionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma founded Alibaba — one of China’s most successful technology companies. But even he would have a tough time securing a job there today, he said.

Billionaire Jack Ma steps down as Alibaba’s chairman. Here are key moments in the company’s history

2019 is a big year for Alibaba. The Chinese e-commerce giant is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and its high-profile founder Jack Ma, is stepping down as chairman.

How to build a successful e-commerce business in Africa

Despite an increase uptake in e-payment and business systems across Africa; challenges still remain. Corrie Bakker, Head of Strategy & Business Development at PayU joins CNBC Africa to speak about what it takes to succeed in e-commerce.