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Qatar Airways to take 60% stake in this East African country’s new international airport

Qatar Airways has agreed to take a 60% stake in a new $1.3 billion international airport in the East African country.

100 women entrepreneurs win Invest2Impact competition

One hundred East African women entrepreneurs were announced the winners of the inaugural 2019 2X Invest2Impact. The initiative was launched to provide these entrepreneurs with networking opportunities, mentorship, business development services, visibility and access to funding, to enable their businesses to thrive and grow. Anne Marie Lévesque, Gender advisor at FinDev Canada joins CNBC Africa for more.

Kenya becomes first EA country to export petroleum to China

On 26th August, Kenya sent off its inaugural shipment of crude oil, becoming the first East African nation to join the ranks of petroleum-exporting countries. On what this means for the country's economy and the country's investments, Coordinator at Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas, Charles Wanguhu joins CNBC Africa for more.

Uganda is spending $1bn to build 95km highway, this is why

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has been pumping huge amounts of money into roads, energy and other infrastructure projects, mostly financed by China, to boost the economy.