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US-China trade talks are really about ‘a new world order,’ says asset management CEO

U.S.-China trade talks are not really about trade — "it's about a new world order," Investec's Hendrik du Toit said.

France and Germany are uprooting the pillars of the European Union

Even if French President Emmanuel Macron somehow beats the odds and remains in office, the ill-fated French-German couple is already condemned as a terminally dysfunctional engine of EU management, Michael Ivanovitch writes.

Now Trump is having a Twitter spat with South Africa over land reforms

President Donald Trump has fallen out with South Africa after taking to Twitter to criticize the government's land reforms, prompting a sharp rebuke from Pretoria.

South Africa will avoid a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to currency weakness, central bank deputy says

Escalating trade tariffs between the world's two largest economies and an ongoing currency sell-off will keep pressure on the bank's policy makers.

UAE gives Ethiopia $1 billion lifeline to ease foreign exchange crisis

The sum is part of a total of a $3 billion aid and investment pledge from the UAE to Ethiopia announced Friday.